The demand for experienced and qualified personnel continues to grow and we at Porta have the ambition to put the right candidate at the right job. Our years of knowledge in the metal industry and our good relation with the candidates and the clients is a good foundation to start a successful collaboration for us.

Porta employment agency has a staff of professionals which are all in possession of a VCA basic or VCA full certificate. All welders are HL-045 qualified according to the ISO9606 and/ or ASME/AWS standard and because of this they can start immediately with the project.

Plate-, pipe fitters and mechanics are all qualified to work independently with technical plans. All activities are performed in accordance with the VCU safety regulations and assures the client the project will be completed qualitatively and safely. We are also a member of trade association NBBU. This proves our agency  is a reliable partner that meets the hardest quality requirements.

We are always searching for qualified candidates in and outside the Netherlands. This give us the advantage to meet the demand of the client instantly. We have good experience with recruiting, selecting and broadcasting of temporary staff abroad. Candidates who have that little bit extra to carry out a special assignment, do not need a work permit and can start immediately. So, if you need a candidate with certain qualifications and cannot find the candidate in the Netherlands, please feel free to contact Porta Employment.

Porta employment agency works with a team of consultant who have the specific knowledge in the metal industry. So if you have any questions or problems please don’t hesitate to contact us.