Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Which collective agreement does Porta use?
Porta practices the collective agreement of the NBBU. You can download this agreement on our downloads page.
2. When will my salary be transferred?
After receiving the weekly hour list we process it right away. Depending on your bank you will receive your salary the next day.
3. How do I register at Porta?
There are 2 ways to register at Porta. Via the website on the vacancies page or just come to the office with your documents.
4. Which vacancies can Porta offer?
Porta mediates for the metal industry and primarily offers jobs for welders, plate- and pipe fitters, mechanics and grinders.
5. What do I have to do when I am sick?
When you are sick please report this, before 9 am, to the staff of Porta and client.
6. Does Porta pay for my pension?
After working for 26 weeks you start building up your pension
7. How do I let Porta know about my worked hours?
Your hours will be processed automatically by the client. You don’t have to put any effort to do this.