Steel is not indispensable in today's economy and in the area of ​​construction, the most widely used material on earth. Think of new bridges, tunnels, power plants, stadiums, skyscrapers. Perhaps as a best example the new central station of Rotterdam. A great design and clever craftsmanship of thousands of workers with only one goal to achieve.

Within this sector we supply various clients with professional workers like supervisors, fitters and welders. The welders we provide are all certified. It is also possible to provide welders with specific certifications for different types of steel. The fitters are able to work true out technical plans and have the insight to guide a product from initial stage to final stage.

An absolute requirement for candidates who are employed in the steel construction is that they deliver quality, are careful and show reliable craftsmanship. With the supply of candidates for various disciplines, Porta has proven to have good and competent caseload of specialists who are available directly.